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2017 Vol 13 #1. Spontak, Hoctor. A multi-faceted approach to corridor planning for the Florida black bear and Florida panther, USA

2017 Vol 13 #2. Tingstad, Lempert, Moskwik, Warren, Parmesan, Mearns, McGinnis, Ryu. Demonstrating a robust decision making (RDM) based approach to conservation decision-making under uncertain future climate: Pilot study using the northern pygmy salamander (Desmognathus organi)

2017 Vol 13 #3. Jacobs, Tong. An approach for rapid change detection of semi-arid riparian habitat using color-infrared aerial photography for habitat assessment of the southwestern willow flycatcher: A case study in Mesquite, Nevada, USA

2016 Vol 12 Switalski. Snowmobile Best Management Practices for Forest Service Travel Planning: A Comprehensive Literature Review and Recommendations for Management-> #1. Introduction to Snowmobile Management and Policy

#2. Winter Recreational Use Conflict

#3. Wildlife

#4. Water Quality, Soils, and Vegetation

2016 Vol 12 #5. Germain, Pinkoski, Bevilacqua. Parcelization and Land Use Change in the Rural Residential Lanscape of the Catskill Region in New York State

2015 Vol 11 #1. LeDee, Ribic. Determining Climate Change Management Priorities: A Case Study from Wisconsin

2015 Vol 11, #2. Rohweder, Vacek, Crimmins, Thogmartin. A Case Study of Assigning Conservation Value to Dispersed Habitat Units for Conservation Planning

2015 Vol 11 #3. Lee, Fei. Central Appalachian Interior Forest Change from 2001 to 2011 for Kentucky

2014 Vol 10 #1 Gerber, Anadon, D'Agrosa, Gondor. Conservation prioritization to conservation action in the Gulf of California, Mexico

2014 Vol 10 #2. Pearse, Stafford. Error propagation in energetic carrying capacity models

2014 Vol 10 #3. Wiest, Shriver, Messer. Incorporating climate change with conservation planning: a case study for tidal marsh bird conservation in Delaware, USA

2014 Vol 10 #4. Allen. A Green infrastructure framework for vacant and underutilized urban lands

2013 Vol 9 #1. Crist; Madden; Hittle; Walker; Allen; Eslinger. Supporting cross-sector, cross-domain planning through interoperating toolkits

2013 Vol 9 #2. Haak, Williams. Using native trout restoration to jumpstart freshwater conservation planning in the Interior West

2013 Vol 9 #3. Weber, Sparks. Summer habitat identification of an endangered bat, Myotis sodalis, across its eastern range of the USA

2012 Vol 8 #1. Surasinghe, Couter, Baldwin, Johnson. Use of threat-analysis to assess the effects of land development on biodiversity in a Blue Ridge-Piedmont landscape

2012 Vol 8 #2. Switalski, Jones. Off-road vehicle best management practices for forestlands: A review of scientific literature and guidance for managers

2012 Vol 8 #3. Nackoney, Williams. Conservation prioritization and planning with limited wildlife data in a Congo Basin forest landscape: Assessing human threats and vulnerability to land use change

2012 Vol 8 #4. Fandino-Lozano, van Wyngaarden. FOCALIZE: A decision support system to integrate reserve selection and land use planning through the use of complementary and supplementary criteria

2011 Vol 7 #1. Thogmartin, Potter, Soulliere. Bridging the conservation design and delivery gap for wetland bird habitat maintenance and restoration in the Midwestern USA

2011 Vol 7 #2. Weber, Schwartz. Maximum entropy habitat modeling of four endangered mussels in the Ohio River basin, USA

2011 Vol 7 #3. Colbert, Baldwin, Thiet. A developer-initiated conservation plan for pool-breeding amphibians in Maine, USA: A case study

2011 Vol 7 #4. Mathews and Rex. Incorporating scenic quality and cultural heritage into farmland valuation: Results from an enhanced LESA model

2011 Vol 7 #5. Wedding, Gibson, Walsh, Battista. Integrating remote sensing products and GIS tools to support marine spatial management

2011 Vol 7 #6. Allen, Amundsen, Dujmovic, Messer. Identifying and selecting strategic mitigation opportunities: Criteria design and project evaluation using Logic Scoring of Preference and optimization

2010 Vol 6 #1. Theobald, Norman, Newman. Estimating visitor use of protected areas by modeling accessibility: A case study in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado USA

2010 Vol 6 #2. Stoms and DeAngelo. Socioeconomic patterns of American farmland preservation funded by the Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program

2010 Vol 6 #3. Low, Provencher, Abele. Enhanced conservation action planning: Assessing landscape condition and predicting benefits of conservation strategies

2009 Vol 5 #1. McDonald. Ecosystem service demand and supply along the urban-to-rural gradient

2009 Vol 5 #2. DiBari. Using boundary detection methods to assess conservation corridors

2009 Vol 5 #3. Lin. The function linkage index: A metric for measuring connectivity among habitat patches using least cost distances

2005 Vol 5 #4. Nielsen, Cranston, Stenhouse. Identification of priority areas for Grizzly Bear conservation and recovery in Alberta, Canada

2009 Vol 5 #5. Thomas, Dobson, Dezendorf, Cantrell, Abernathy. Development of a parcel-based density analysis tool to evaluate growth patterns in Western North Carolina, USA

2008 Vol 4 #1. Senecal, Hamel, Heraut, Saint-Laurent. Urban forest conservation: what kind of strategies should be adopted in the Montreal metropolitan area?

2008 Vol 4 #2. Skibbe, Miller. Alternative future scenarios for open space protection in Kane County, Illinois USA

2008 Vol 4 #3. Paxinos, Wright, Val Day, Emmett, Frankiewicz, Goecker. Marine spatial planning: Ecosystem-based zoning methodology for marine management in South Australia

2004 Vol 4 #4. McPherson, Schill, Raber, John, Zenny, Sutton, Thurlow. GIS-based modeling of environmental risk surfaces for conservation planning in Jamaica

2008 Vol 4 #5. Hoctor, Allen, Carr, Zwick, Huntley, Smith, Maehr, Buch, Hilsenbeck. Land corridors in the southeast USA: Connectivity to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services

2007 Vol 3 #1. Copeland, Ward, Kiesecker. Assessing tradeoffs in biodiversity, vulnerability and cost when prioritizing conservation sites

2007 Vol 3 #2. Weber. Development and application of a statewide conservation network in Delaware, USA

2007 Vol 3 #3. Messer. Transferable development rights programs: An economic framework for success

2007 Vol 3 #4. Theobald. Evaluating the cumulative effects of development by analyzing alternative build-out scenarios: A case study of Ouray County, Colorado USA

2006 Vol 2 #1. Biglin, Dupigny-Giroux. Mapping the road-effect zone to assess impacts of proposed road segments

2006 Vol 2 #2. Larsen, Ripple. Modeling gray wolf (Canis Lupus) habitat in the Pacific Northwest, USA

2006 Vol 2 #3. Jones, Daly, Molvar, Catlin. Conservation planning and assessment of irreplaceability and vulnerability of conservation sites in the heart of the west region, Middle Rockies USA

2005 Vol 1 #1. Munoz-Moreira. Conservation planning commentary.

2005 Vol 1 #2. McDonald, Allen, Benedict, O'Connor. Green infrastructure plan evaluation frameworks

2005 Vol 1 #3. Comer, Crist, Grossman. Choosing surrogates for biodiversity conservation in complex planning environments

2005 Vol 1 #4. Merenlender, Brooks, Shabazian, Gao, Johnston. Forecasting exurban development to evaluate the influence of land-use policies on wildland and farmland conservation

2005 Vol 1 #5. Carr, Zwick. Using GIS suitability analysis to identify future land use conflicts in North Central Florida USA

2005 Vol 1 #6. Sehkar, Pugazhendi. Indigenous people and GIS for micro-level forest management: A case study in Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, India

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